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30 Amazing Uses for Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm is a therapeutic product that has been used for over a century. This medicine is made with herbal ingredients that experts have proven to be effective and safe.

The ingredients in Tiger Balm have soothing and healing properties for pains and aches. Therefore, the medicine can effectively restore balance to contemporary hectic lifestyles and provide a sense of wellness to your mind and body.

The ointment is suitable for both the young and the old. Furthermore, it has now evolved into a variety of symptom-specific solutions such as medicated creams, oils, gels, sprays, and medicated plasters that address varying needs for different ways of life.

It goes without saying that you should always have some of this ointment with you in your house, office, purse or handbag.

What are the Most Common Uses of Tiger Balm ?

Small, discreet and highly reputable, Tiger Balm is simply the best therapeutic medicine you can have with you at all times. Today, we have thought it wise to highlight some of the most common uses of this magic ointment.

Apart from relieving everyday pains and aches, this medicine is also good for a wide range of other applications. Without much ado, let us check out how you can use the products of this great balm.

As a pain reliever

As mentioned before, this medicine is widely used across the world as a pain reliever. But what type of pain is it best for? Well, we are here to let you know. You should apply this medicine if you start experiencing the following:

Back Pain

Tiger Balm contains essential oils that will efficiently take that pain away. In other words, the oils are a perfect remedy against back pains. This ointment significantly improves the circulation of both blood and energy, and it also relaxes your back muscles. Additionally, it slows down the inflammatory process.

The analgesic effect of this medicine enables it to reduce and prevent the sensation of muscle pain.

Tiger Balm Red is the best for treating back pain. To treat that back pain, simply apply a hazelnut-size amount of Tiger Balm Red by making gentle circular motions on your back, especially on the particular area that is hurting.

Continue doing this until you start feeling the heat coming from the massage. Making circular motions on the painful area will make the ointment’s active substances penetrate into your skin.

You can repeat the application 2-3 times daily depending on your doctor’s prescription. Using the patch will be more comfortable and quick because it allows you to apply the medicine easily. It is also odorless and not messy.

Shoulder and neck pain

This product is extremely effective in relieving joint and muscle pain in the shoulders and neck. More often than not, these pains are caused by staying in a static position for a long time.

For instance, you might experience joint and muscle pain if you sit for long hours in front of your computer or if you drive for many hours, which can cause tension and bruises.

Tiger Balm Red is the best for such types of pain. Apply the ointment 2-3 times daily on the sensitive areas. We highly recommend that you apply the medicine with a gentle massage.


Arthrosis joint pain can cause discomfort and prevent you from doing the things you love. The good thing is Tiger Balm can help you a great deal. Tiger Balm Red will surely relieve your arthrosis joint pain. Just apply it locally on a daily basis, and the pain will go away. If you apply it gently with a slight massage, this medicine will help in restoring greater mobility.


Tiger Balm has immeasurable analgesic properties. This makes it an effective medicine for reducing joint inflammation. When you apply it gently with a slight massage, it will fight joint stiffness, alleviate your suffering, and restore a better quality of life. By simply applying the balm on painful areas, it will improve the circulation of blood and energy.

Its uses in the world of sports

Tiger Balm is widely used by sportsmen and women for various purposes. Let’s look at a few of them.


Tiger Balm Red is the best medicine to relieve any aching muscles. This makes it a great balm for athletes. More often than not, you will experience muscle and joint pain after engaging in vigorous exercise especially if you are a beginner. This ointment is your ideal friend. Just apply it with a slight massage immediately after exercise, and you will have a refreshing and soothing sensation. The balm will help ease any pain caused by vigorous exercise.

Muscle warm-up for athletes

Athletes usually warm up thoroughly before they engage in any exercise. A warm-up helps contract all the muscles that might intervene when you are making an effort during the exercise. Even if the warm-up is of great quality, there is a possibility that a long static wait is going to reduce its effect. To bring the real benefits, just use a heated ointment. Most athletes find the rub muscle cream the most effective for this particular purpose.

As a treatment for cold, certain disorders and a stuffed nose

Tiger Balm is truly your great ally when tackling a number of problems. You can use it to treat the following:


Tiger Balm White is ideal to heal and relieve colds. The combined action of eucalyptus and camphor, which are antiseptic, make Tiger Balm White a great treatment for colds. Just apply a small amount of the ointment with friction until you feel a sensation of warmth. Alternatively, you can put a small amount of the ointment in a bowl of hot water and then inhale.

Repeat this operation 2-3 times daily and you will feel better soon.

Stuffed nose

Whenever you have a cold, just place a small amount of Tiger Balm White around and under your nostrils. When you take a deep breath, your nose will definitely clear up.


Tiger Balm White is effective in fighting rhinitis or sinusitis and some other ENT disorders. Just put a small amount of the balm inside a bowl of hot water and inhale. You can also apply the ointment with friction.

Tiger Balm is an ointment that can be used to help with a number of issues. It’s unfortunate that we are not able to mention all of its uses in this post.

We highly recommend that you keep on visiting our website for more details because we do update our information on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, place an order and get your Tiger Balm today !

How to use Tiger Balm products ?

Tiger balm is a true therapeutic Swiss knife. Small and discreet, it’s a good idea to always have some with you, in a handbag or purse. As we will see, it is both effective for everyday aches and pains, but also for other applications, such as bad smells, etc..

1. Back pain

The essential oils contained in Tiger Balm make it an excellent remedy against back pain. Indeed, it improves the circulation of energy and blood but also relaxes muscles and reduces the inflammatory process.

Due to its analgesic effect it prevents and reduces the sensation of pain.

To treat a back pain you will have to apply a hazelnut of Red Tiger Balm by making circular frictions on the section to relieve (to make penetrate its active substances) until you feel a feeling of heat generated by the massage.

The application can be repeated two or three times daily.

The use of the patch may be more comfortable because it allows an easy application, not dirty and odorless.

2. Neck and shoulder pain

Tiger Balm is very effective to relieve muscle and joint pain in the neck and shoulders.

These can be caused by a prolonged static position (for example in front of a screen at the office or after a long period of driving) causing tension but also following bruises.

Red Tiger Balm is the most effective for this type of pain. Two to three times a day on the sensitive area with a light massage is recommended.

3. Muscle warm-up for athletes

Before any exercise, it is necessary to warm up properly. The goal of the warm-up is thus to contract all the muscles that will intervene during the effort.

Despite a quality warm-up it is sometimes possible that a long static wait will diminish its effect. The use of a heated ointment can then bring real benefits.

Rub muscle cream is particularly suitable for this use, which is why it is adopted by many athletes.

4. Curves

Red Tiger Balm will then be your ideal ally to relieve your aching muscles. A light massage application after exercise will give you a soothing and refreshing sensation. Combined with flexibilities this will allow you to quickly ease the pain.

5. Rheumatism

Rheumatism is a generic term that commonly refers to all chronic joint pain.

For those who have pain due to rheumatism, the Balm can be used as an analgesic (i.e. in prevention and in reducing the sensation of pain).

Simply apply it directly to the lower back, legs, and directly on painful joints. This application can be done between 3 and 4 times a day for best results.

6. Arthritis

The analgesic properties of Red Tiger Balm reduce joint inflammation: massages thus contribute, while alleviating suffering, to fighting joint stiffness, restoring a better quality of life.

Indeed, the balm will help by its action to make circulate blood and energy by a simple application on the painful zones.

7. Arthrosis

Red Tiger Balm relieves arthrosic joint pain by local application. Daily use, accompanied by a massage on the painful area will help reduce pain and restore greater mobility.

8. Sciatica

Red Tiger Balm, because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, can relieve the sensation of pain and discomfort caused by sciatica.

9. Cold

This time, we will use white balm, which relieves and heals colds thanks to the combined action of camphor and eucalyptus which are antiseptic. It can be used in two main ways:

or inhalation: place a small amount of balm in a large bowl of warm water and inhale.
Or in friction: apply a small amount of balm until you feel a sensation of warmth.

This operation can be repeated two to three times a day.

10. Sinusitis

White Tiger Balm is known to fight against certain ENT disorders such as sinusitis or rhinitis. Just like a cold, you can use it in the two ways we’ve just seen.

11. Stuffed nose

When you have a cold, put a little white balm just under and around the nostrils. Be careful not to touch the lips.

Take a deep breath and your nose will come out. However, do not apply balm to your nostrils if they are irritated. If this is the case, choose the inhalation technique by dissolving a small amount of balm in boiling water.

12. Cough

The White Balm is also very effective in treating cough, whether it is dry or graceful.

Apply the balm to your chest and massage deeply which will heat your airways and relieve you quickly. You can repeat this application up to 5 times a day.

13. Headache

Massage your temples lightly in a circular motion. You can also spread a little balm on your forehead. Be careful not to touch your eyes, and remember to put a small amount of balm (maximum pea size) to avoid a tingling effect at eye level.

14. Migraines

When you have a migraine, apply White Tiger Balm to the temples and forehead to calm it.

Perform a light and circular massage.

The balm will act in a few minutes creating an effect of heat (due to camphor) and cold (due to menthol). This will really relieve you and help you overcome the unbearable pain caused by migraine.

15. Sore throat

When the first symptoms of a sore throat are felt, do not hesitate to put the Balm on your neck, chest and shoulders just before going to bed.

Massage gently and cover the area where the balm has been applied with a scarf so as not to stain your sheets and blankets.

White Tiger Balm will be the most appropriate.

16. Insect bites

Tiger Balm can help relieve the itching caused by an insect bite.

Apply a small amount of white balm directly to the bite so that its effect relieves you quickly.

17. Mosquito repellent

The Balm, because of its pronounced smell, is a very effective repellent against mosquitoes. You can apply a little on the skin or open a box and let the smell diffuse inside. For this use, white balm is recommended.

18. Hide the smell of perspiration

The Tiger Balm has purifying and astringent virtues which is very effective to fight against an important perspiration.

You can apply balm every morning to the parts of your body most likely to perspire excessively such as feet and armpits. The bad smells will thus be neutralized. Choose a small amount of white balm for this use.

19. Hiding the smell of cigarettes

20. Remove the smell of tobacco on the fingers

21. Bellyache

Tiger Balm (red) is a good way to fight against stomach ache. Apply a small amount to the navel and massage in a circular motion for a few minutes until the balm is absorbed. The heating effect will bring relief quite quickly.

22. Bloating

23. constipation

To fight against constipation, apply yourself with a little Tiger Balm by light massages on the stomach in order to relieve the stomach. It is best to lie down and let the Tiger Balm work, as it will be more effective on a relaxed body.

24. Motion sickness

If you get motion sickness the Tiger Balm is your ally. By passing it directly under your nostrils it will allow you to fight against nausea.

25. Sea sickness

One of the main symptoms of seasickness, like motion sickness, is the feeling of nausea. By applying Tiger Balm directly under your nostrils, you will annihilate this unpleasant sensation.

26. Hiding bad odours from a room or closet

Simply place an open jar of Tiger Balm in the room or closet you wish to deodorize.

27. Warming your feet

Massage your feet with the red balm to help stimulate and improve blood circulation and eliminate the sensation of cold.

28. Keep pests like termites away

Wooden furniture attacked by termites can be treated with Tiger Balm. Apply it to the infected parts of the furniture and these will be neutralized. More generally the Balm can be used against all kinds of pests (cockroaches, fleas, ants and other insects). Indeed, its strong smell will create a protective barrier against these insects.

29. Remove persistent stains, such as glue or paint

In order to remove persistent stains (such as glue or paint) on your skin or objects, the use of chemicals is not mandatory. Put a little Red Balm on a cloth and carefully rub your skin with it. After a few minutes, the paint will start to dissolve and you can easily remove it. You will use the same process on your furniture or objects.

30. Remove the stickers

The Balm can also be very useful to remove the remains of a sticker. Thus, apply some and all the residues will be easily removed.


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  1. I have rumethoid arthritis, i have been on medical treatment for over 30 years. At the begining of the year i stopped all treatment but now have inflamation and pain in all my joints. Will Tiger Balm help in any way?

    1. Hey Clive 🙂 !

      Yes, Tiger Balm will definitely help relieving joints pain. We recommand the tiger balm red which is the stronger one. Hope that helped and hope you will appreciate it.

  2. Red tiger balm can also cure fungal nail infection. Rub a small amount on the infected nail twice a day and it’s gone in less than a week

    1. Hello,

      Tiger balm can be applied in small amount to temples during headaches. However, balm can’t be in contact with the eyes or other mucous membranes.

      See you 🙂 !

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