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Tiger Balm rubs

Tiger Balm range includes many natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory products, first marketed by a Chinese herbalist (Aw Chu Kin) in the 1870s.

Today, millions of people around the world use the Tiger Balm to relieve pain and restore a feeling of well-being to the body.

In this guide, we present you the Tiger Balm ointments, which each have their specificities, and which we will see it, can prove very effective according to the felt pain.

3 different Tiger balm rubs

There are three types of ointment in the Tiger Balm range, each with a specific use and unique medicinal properties.

Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder rub

The Neck and Shoulder rub is recommended to reduce pain in the neck and shoulders, it relieves tension on the cervical, torticollis and neuralgia.

Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder rub Boost

Neck and Shoulder rub boost is a more concentrated ointment that tones contracted muscles more and generates more intense heat. Musculoskeletal pain is eliminated immediately after application.

Tiger Balm Muscle rub

The Tiger Balm muscle rub is suitable for people practising a regular sporting activity and for high-level athletes.

The ointment heats aching muscle tissue, relieves pain sensations and protects during physical exertion. The ointment can be used during warm-up, during exercise and after sports training.

Under these conditions, the athlete can carry out his activity without experiencing pain and he can recover more easily after the effort.

How to use Tiger balm rubs ?

To use the Tiger Balm, it is necessary to apply the ointment on the painful muscle or on a bruised part of the body (insect bite, burning, itching, straining, oedema, etc), then to rub vigorously.

Tiger balm ointments can also be used to massage a painful muscle, in which case it is possible to use an ointment or oil and spread the solution until absorbed into the tissues of the dermis.

Unlike drug solutions, for example ibuprofen or aspirin, Tiger balm does not directly attack the source of pain but will act locally on the muscle.

The application of the balm on the painful area stimulates blood flow and generates warm, cold or softer sensations depending on your skin and the product used.

In other words, the Tiger Balm allows your blood to circulate better and stimulate the nerve endings present in your muscles, the pain is dissipated and disappears completely after a few minutes.

In addition, Tiger Balm products are renowned for their essential oils that distil a very pleasant fragrant odor. In addition, the balm can be used to decongest sinuses, relieve migraines and improve relaxation of the body.

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