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Tiger Balm & Counterfeit: How to recognize the real Tiger Balm?

Many unscrupulous sellers do not hesitate to sell a little everything and anything on the Internet. Strengthened by its success, the Tiger Balm is no exception to the rule, and dozens of counterfeits are rampant on the web.

Why choose a real tiger balm?

For the quality of the balm. The real balm is an authentic, century-old product that has proven itself thanks to a clever combination of ingredients.

How to recognize a real tiger balm?

THE PRICE: the cheap is always too expensive!

The most obvious element in terms of authenticity of the balm is the price. If you want to relieve your pain and enjoy the other virtues of the Tiger Balm range, it is very important to put the recommended price, otherwise you risk being really disappointed with the results, and therefore spend your money for nothing.

Here are the informative prices of the balms of the tiger:

10g jar: 6.50 euros
19.4g jar : 7.50 euros
30g jar : 8.90 euros

Brand: Haw Par Corporation Ltd, Singapore

The most important element to verify that the balm is authentic is the mark of the latter. There is only one brand and it is Haw Par Corporation, so the head office is located in Singapore. The company has several factories, the balm can be manufactured in other countries, in particular Thailand by the manufacturer OLIC Limited.
Packaging: orange and blue, with the official logo

This is one of the official packages of Tiger Balm. the criteria that make it possible to discover an authentic tiger balm by looking at the packaging are as follows:

Official logo

Colour orange, light blue and red

Etiquette du baume du tigre

The lid

The lid of a pot of tiger balm has a golden color. A tiger is engraved in the center, surrounded by the mark “Tiger Balm” and inscriptions in Mandarin.

The grams of the balm

There are only 4 different capacities: 4g, 10g, 19.4g and 30g. You should therefore always check that the seller clearly indicates the weight of each balm and that it is within this range.


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  1. customer for a long time, I am really fan of your shop. I tested many other sites, I found more attractive prices than yours but the quality was NOT comparable.

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