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What are the benefits of Tiger Balm ?


Use the red tiger balm for all these muscle and joint pains. To treat a fairly large surface, use liniment. At work, on the go, or when you can’t apply balm, try our warm or cold plasters for lasting relief with discretion.


Use white tiger balm to treat the symptoms of the above diseases. Its active ingredients will be very effective against ENT disorders, headache, sore throat, cough, etc..White Tiger Balm is also effective in relieving insect bites.


Use the neck and shoulder rub cream (or its boost version) for all upper back, shoulder and neck pain. For muscle warm-up or other sporting use, use tiger balm muscle rub.

In fact, tiger balm has over 30 different uses! Click here to learn more

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How to choose your Tiger Balm ?

The composition of the famous ointment is declined today under different bodies, using up to 7 varieties of oils renowned for their therapeutic virtues such as clove oil, mint oil or cajeput oil, associated with Camphor and Menthol.

Despite the “Baume” name specification, the Tiger Balm range comes in a variety of products, each with its own specific features.

Tiger Balm Red

If you suffer from muscle or joint pain, then the red tiger balm is for you.

Extremely effective, the effect is almost immediate.

Simply apply a small amount of balm to painful areas and rub vigorously to relieve in minutes.

tiger balm red
white tiger balm

Tiger Balm White

The white tiger balm is a real “healthy Swiss army knife.”

Migraines, headaches, colds, stuffy noses, it is the small practical health ally ideal for everyday ailments.

White Tiger Balm is also very effective in relieving insect bites.

Hot Tiger Balm Plaster – Multizone

At work, on the go, or when you want to relieve your pain for a long time without applying balm, patches are ideal.

Both supple and thin, very discreet, they adhere perfectly to the skin and are very easy to remove (no glue).

You can for example apply your patch on your skin, with your clothes on top, to relieve you during the day.

The warm version of the patch relieves muscle and joint pain thanks to its active ingredients that heat the affected area.

plaster hot
plaster cold

Cold Tiger Balm Plaster – Multizone

Just like the WARM Tiger balm patch, this version is ideal to soothe the various joint and muscle aches for several hours, and this in all discretion.

Simply apply the patch, very thin and without glue (which will not prevent it from adhering perfectly to your skin), to quickly enjoy its “cold” effect on the painful area, whether lumbar, upper back, or shoulders for example.

It’s perfect for discreet relief, for example if you’re not at home, at work or on the go.

Low Back Pain Tiger Balm Plaster

This patch does not escape the rule of its two counterparts (hot and cold). It has been specially designed to be very comfortable to wear.

Both thin and supple, it adheres perfectly to the skin (without glue) and is positioned on the lower back, to relieve sciatica and other lumbar pains.

back pain patch
tiger balm liniment

Tigel Balm Liniment

Tiger balm oil – tiger balm liniment – is perfect to be applied on a large surface of the body.

Indeed, it spreads easily and penetrates your skin deeply for fast and effective relief.

Neck & Shoulder Rub

Neck & Shoulder rub cream (sometimes called tiger balm ointment) is easily applied and quickly penetrates the skin.

It is a non-greasy cream, which provides a pleasant sensation just seconds after application, which is recommended for neck and shoulder pain.

neck & shoulder rub
neck & shoulder rub boost

Neck & Shoulder Rub Special Boost

The fruit of the latest innovations in the Tiger Balm range, this special Boost cream has all the specifications of the original neck & shoulder cream.

Non-oily, very pleasant to the touch and smell, it is specially designed for neck, neck or shoulder pain.

This Boost version offers an even more intense warm feeling. it is thus very indicated for pains of high intensity.

Muscle Rub

The Muscle Rub cream is the perfect example of the latest line of the tiger balm range.

Specially designed for muscles, it will delight all amateur or high level athletes who wish to take care of their body, before or after training.

Indeed, many already appreciate its virtues for:

  • Preparing muscles before training
  • Relieve post-exercise muscle aches or cramps
muscle rub

Frequently Asked Questions

Does tiger balm contain tiger?

Absolutely not! the name “tiger balm” has nothing to do with tigers, or tiger bones! For the little story, the name was actually found by the son of the inventor of the balm, Aw Boon-Haw. Aw Boon means “Tiger” in the Burmese language. So the brand name was found!

I've heard about GREEN Tiger Balm. what is it about?

No green tiger balm is present in the official tiger balm range. Beware of counterfeits, very numerous on the internet! The balm is available in red, white and soft versions.

Are there any contraindications?

The active ingredients of the balm are 100% natural and are not dangerous. However, there are some precautions to take, and tiger balm will not be recommended for the following cases:

  • In pregnant women
  • In children under 2 years of age
  • On irritated skin
  • On mucous membranes and eyes

It is also important to wash your hands well with soap after using the balm.

How can you be sure you're buying real tiger balm?

By buying on, we guarantee you the only, unique and authentic tiger balm. The one that acts quickly and effectively against all kinds of pain.

I would like to order on your website. Is the payment secure?

Of course I do! We use an HTTPS certificate for all pages on our site to protect the navigation of our visitors.

As for the payment of your order, we use the latest STRIPE and PAYPAL technologies which allow a 100% secure payment. Credit card numbers are never transmitted to us and are never kept at any time on our site, and this in order to guarantee 100% security to our customers.

I would like to order on your website. How's the delivery going?

Delivery is at the heart of any e-commerce activity. Our number one policy is total customer satisfaction. Thus, yourbaumedutigre made the choice to offer you the delivery, and this whatever the order placed. Whether you order 1, 10, or 100 products on our shop, shipping charges will always be free.

Moreover, for the fastest possible delivery, we ship packages within 24 hours after receipt of payment.

All orders are perfectly packed, in oversized and protected packages.

What are the active ingredients in Tiger Balm?

The Tiger Balm, which has been relieving pain for over 100 years, is composed of a mixture of substances from natural products.

These come mainly from the traditional oriental pharmacopoeia. They are integrated with a base of paraffin and vaseline officinal, which give the balm of the tiger a consistency of ointment, facilitating the application.


The main active component of tiger balm, 25% of which is found in white and red balms, camphor comes from the distillation of camphor wood ( Cinnamomum camphora).

This tree native to China, Taiwan and Japan has long been used by the population as an ornamental tree, it is the emblem of the city Hiroshima.

The manufacture of camphor from stems, roots or pieces of bark is an ancient process. Its antiseptic properties were used during major epidemics, that of cholera in 1831-1832, then that of Asian influenza shortly after the Second World War.

In tiger balm, camphor is used for its analgesic properties, it calms muscle pain and bruising, and tonic, which allows it to act in case of bronchitis as a respiratory stimulant.


Menthol is derived from the extraction of essential oils from mint. It has many virtues, it is both decongestant, local anesthetic, and disinfectant.

Present in the various balms of the tiger, menthol acts against itching due to itching formed following an insect bite, associated with camphor its decongestant property relieves bronchial congestion and its anesthetic action relieves pain (migraines, cramps or sprains).

Mint oil

From peppermint, with its very wide distribution and its joint use in food, it is certainly the best known medicinal plant. Aristotle was already using it as a local pain reliever! Very active substance, it has many interests in medicine: relief of headaches and sinusitis, soothes itching, muscular pains and rheumatic.

Clove oil

Especially known for its pronounced taste in cooking, the clove is also a medicinal plant used for a very long time. For an anecdote, the clove enters the traditional composition of kohl because it was originally used in the manufacture of ophthalmic ointments.

In cutaneous application the oil of clove has an anaesthetic action.

Cajeput oil

Found in the balm of the red tiger, cajeput oil is prepared from a tree in Southeast Asia, called Melaleuca. Known since the 18th century for its many curative effects, it is commonly used in friction on the back, chest, abdomen or any other painful area. It is found in the red tiger balm, up to 7%.
Eucalyptus oil

It is found in white tiger balm in a proportion of 13%. This oil comes from eucalyptus, these trees of imposing stature are native to Australia. In their native lands, the leaves and stems of this tree delight the koalas. In addition, extracts from this tree, such as essential oil, are very indicated for the treatment of respiratory disorders. The active ingredient, cinéol, is contained in the leaves.

Cinnamon tree oil from China

Component of the balm of the red tiger, this oil comes from a Chinese plant, the Chinese cinnamon tree, related to the laurels. Its bark is used to make a spice, Chinese cinnamon. An oil with therapeutic properties is also obtained. This plant has been used in Chinese medicine for over 6000 years. It is, among other things, known for its stimulating action on the nervous and respiratory systems, blood fluidifying (activates blood circulation when applied locally).

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